Square Enix x Nexon mobile MMORPG Final Fantasy XI R officially canceled

Nexon and Square Enix were previously co-developing a new smartphone MMORPG titled Final Fantasy XI R, but it has now officially been canceled. The developers canceled the game as they felt that they were not able to come up with something that would meet the standards of Final Fantasy fans, in terms of creativity. Both companies have agreed to move all staff towards other projects.

Square Enix partnered with Nexon in March 2015 to make a smartphone version of Final Fantasy XI that fans could play with ease. Final Fantasy XI R was initially scheduled to launch in Japan and Korea in 2016, but then things went radio-silent for the next five years. Development did continue for a bit, but we never heard anything about it from Square Enix or Nexon. Furthermore, the Square Enix quarterly report (Q3) from last November listed the game among others still in the pipeline.

Final Fantasy XI R cancelled

You can see the now-canceled Final Fantasy XI R right there in the middle area. Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney also said that the project was currently on pause when asked about the game in a teleconference last month. He didn’t mention more at the time, but it is now official.

Final Fantasy XI R was in development for iOS and Android.

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